Inspections prior to a home builders warranty expiring that is required by the warranty company to verify that all component of the home are still operable condition or not and replaced by home builder prior to new warranty issuance.


KP Home Inspections inspector is a trained professional with several years of experience behind every inspection.Our inspector performs an un-biased and visual inspection of the home and assesses the home from the roof to foundation to identify safety issues and describe the current conditions on the property. The inspector will walk you through step by step their significant findings. After the inspector has revierwed the report with you, you will recieve an easy to read and understand report via email or hard copy for your records.having this may help you in the purchasing negotiations as well as warrantee repairs or when making future maintenance decisions.   

Most new home builders provide new home owners with a 1year warranty covering all structural components and fixtures of the home. At this time it is required by the owner to order an inspection prior to the warranty expiring. Ordering an inspection prior to the warranty expiring gives the owner a professionally prepared report to go over with the builder or warranty comapny addressing the issues If repairs are not needed, it provides peace of mind regarding the quality of their home.    

KP Home Inspections Services

Sometimes referred to as a "General Home Inspection" these are booked prior to the closing of sometimes either Commercial or Residential properties. These types of inspections cover many types of components throughout the structure and home which includes a written report clearly outlining the current conditions of the home or structure. The report gives the buyer the information they need to make a wise decision.

Home Byers Pre-Closing Inspection

New Home & Existing Home Warranty Inspections:

New Home Construction Inspections

Homeseller's Pre-listing Inspections:

A general home Inspection completed prior to the listing or selling of the property gives the current home owner an idea as to the maintanence items to address. A pre-listing inspection also helps inspire confidence in the prospective buyers regarding the current conditions of the home and possibly reduce the time spent negotiatng contracts issues because an un-biased, independent contractor  has reviewed all major systems.

Just because you are purchasing a brand new home, don't assume the property has no issues. Even though the new home was inspected by the governing building entity, they miss thing too. The home builder who has a  responsibility to the new owner for 1 year can be made to make repairs to bring the home to a satisfctory condition.


Warranty Inspections:

Pre-lease/Post lease Inspections:

Before leasing your own property or leasing from someone else, get a thorough inspection and photo documentation on the condition of the property. After your lease expires, get a thorough inspection and photo documentation on the condition of the property. This can help save your deposit or if you have had a "bad renter" you may need to document the condition of the property.