My Name is Thomas Homewood and I would like to welcome you to this page. I am the Owner and State of Nevada Certified Home Inspector for KP Home Inspections. My company is a Licensed and Insured firm that I began 10 years ago in 2003 when I had gotten layed off as a Construction Manager. With no prospects on the horizon I wanted to find a field that would utilize my talents and skills as a Construction Superintendent that would work

for me. I looked into several areas that did not pan out. That is when I came across Home Inspection. I read up on what takes to become a residential/commercial Inspector and realized that this was my calling. After 30 years of construction blueprint reading, buildng over 1,000,000 sf of buildings including residential homes I said that this is what I wanted to do. Since then I have focusd on being the best Home Inspector that I could be. This meant that providing a service to my clientele that matched some of the well known companies in town.


Along with being a High school graduate my back ground is not just construction management, I do retain an associates degree from ITT Tech. Institute for design & drafting here in Las Vegas. At the ripe age of 47 years old I decided that if I were to get any where in life I needed a degree. I checked into all sorts of Online classes and did not feel that they were what I wanted. I came across ITT and they had class time here in Vegas, so I enrolled. I took classes that dealt with my background and with in 3 years I recieved my degree.


My background in the Construction Industry starts many years back "1983" to be specific. It started as being an "Assistant Superintendent" helping the General Superintendent onsite with the subs and putting together schedules and verifying that the subcontracted



trades kept on there schedule. This is where I got my experience for resonsibility and attention to detail. Over the years I have moved up in rank to General Superintendent overseeing many sites until there completion throughout the So.California an Las Vegas areas. I have worked for well known firms such as WRICO International, Commercial General, Kalb Construction and Carson Construction.


Working for these companies has taught me the meaning of Integrity, Honesty, Self accomplishment. These are traits I hold to this day and use in this business. I beleive that hard work and putting others needs before yourself, your business will thrive.


Thank You.   

Meet the Inspector: