Do you know everything you need to know about the commercial property you are purchasing? Before you buy Call KPHI. KPHI's inspector has been in the commercial construction industry for 25 years as a construction superintendent/project manager. He has built up to 1,000,000sf of office/warehouse space. From Big box stores ie: Kohls, Walmarts, Targets etc. to small mom & pop convenience stores ie 7/11, City Express etc. 


KPHI is designed to meet your needs. Working with the construction team and the governing building entities our inspector knows what he's looking at and can convey this to you the investor. KPHI offers comprehensive inspection for the buyer/investor prior to closing.


What does KPHI Offer:

  • Pre-lease for new tenants

  • Partial inspections

  • Full house inspection for lenders

  • New Construction inspections 

Commercial Inspection Services: