KP Home Inspections "Looking beyond the Obvious"

If you are buying a home, you can rely on our professinal training and 10 plus years experience to provide you with a straight forward and un-biased third party Professional Home Inspection. With our reputation for attention to details and reliability, we are qualified and ready to assist you with your home inspection needs.


KP Home Inspections takes great pride in its reputation for providing Top Quality Professional Home Inspections with the Highest of Standards. Our attention to details is one of the great attributes of our inspections and are highly driven to provide you with the "Best Home Inspection Possible"


As a Trained, State Certified and Experienced Professional Home Inspector, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to communicate the results of your home inspection in a way anyone can understand. Our inspections and reports follow and exceed State and Nationally recognized Standards of Practice to ensure consistent reporting of your home's condition, systems and components.


You will receive an inspection report complete with digital pictures in a modern and "Easy to Read" narrative format, not a confusing checkbox, hand written report with "No Pictures" as many inspectors are still using today. 


KPHI keep things in perspective when problems are discovered. If any major problems, unsafe or hazardous conditions are found, our report highlights these items that require further evaluation and repair in a Summery Report page as well as in the main body of the report.


Having a professional home inspection performed by KP Home Inspections will enable you to make that crucial and important decision based on facts, not emotions. You'll be better informed and have a much better understanding of the property before you make one of your largest investments ever.

           I Serve All of Las Vegas and Clark County Including:

Las Vegas - North Las Vegas - Henderson - Summerlin - Boulder City - Pahrump

Call: 702 743-6954 or Email: kphomeinspections@gmail.com


  • Structural

  • Foundations

  • Exterior

  • Landscaping Irrigation Systems

  • Driveways & Walkways

  • Garage/Floor

  • Roof & Materials

  • Patios/Decks/ Coverings

  • Attics & Ventilation

  • Insulation (Attic)

  • Floors & Flooring

  • Casework & Countertops

  • Cabinetry

  • Heating & Air Conditioning systems

  • Water Supply @ City easement

  • Fire Place (Gas or Wood Burning)

  • Interiors (incl. Walls & Ceilings)

  • Windows & Doors

  • Weather Seals

  • Appliances & Components


Our Full Home Inspection Includes: