How long does an Inspection take?

Typically, a home that is less than 2,000sf will take approximately 2 to 2.5hrs to complete.  This will depend on a number of different  facotrs; the condition of the home, whether or not there are any occupants still in the home, if the utilities are still on or have been turned off. These are just a few many variables to consider when this question is asked.


Should I be present when the Inspection is performed?

Yes, we've always encouraged the buyer to be present during the inspection. This way when the inspecion is complete, an inspector can walk you through the problematic areas and go through the report.  This way if you have any concerns they can be addressed immediately.


If the house we are looking to buy is only a few years old, should we still request an Inspection?

Yes, Even though the home is only a few years old there may still be problems.  Some construction defects can appear shortly after initial contstruction. Never take for granted that a recently built home is problem free. The previous owner may have made some questionable alterations such as a canopy install, a pool install, fencing etc.  Some items are considered landscaping items and permits are typically not needed.  So, it's always good to have the home inspected to protect you and your family.


Do home Inspectors ever fail a home?

No. A home inspection is just a visual inspection. It is not code compliant inspection, therefore a home inspector cannot say whether the homes condition passes or fails because of his or hers investigations.  It is our responsiblility to ensure you do not incur any unnecessary costs after you've moved into your new home.


Do Home Inspectors find every problem?

We endeavor to find every problem and code violation within the home.  We can guarantee that virtually none of the problems will go un-noticed. If a condition is found, the inspector will make a note on the report so that you may contact a liensed contractor to evaluate.


Will the Inspector recommend someone to make repairs?

The inspector can provide the client with 3 contractors for the repair needed and let the client choose the contractor.